About Us

Firefly Tipis Ltd is the brainchild of AMIE, CHRIS AND NICK and was founded in 2017. The inspiration behind Firefly was to veer off from the conventional white marquees and create a warm and homely ambiance outside the closed walled spaced. A family-run business, Firefly’s vision and philosophy stem from their passion and penchant for creativity.

How it all started

Our story began when Amie & Chris got engaged and started planning their wedding…. Not wanting a traditional church wedding, the research into different venues and styles started…. We knew what we didn’t want.. we wanted the venue to suit us as a couple..  relaxed, quirky and fun..

We fell in love with Cley Windmill on the North Norfolk coast. Due to our guests increasing we run out of space inside and not wanting to change our venue… we made the outdoor space work for us..

We started looking at different marquees and tents… we felt that a white marquee just didn’t suit us and what we wanted to create… we wanted our wedding to different and rustic with a relaxed feel, our ethos was that we wanted it to feel like a big party with close friends and family and by the way we getting married… A tipi ticked all those boxes and our tipi love began with our very own tipi wedding…. And wow it was everything we imagined and more.

Venue not working for you? Then make the outdoor space work for you

So from our own experience, creativity and vision of how a tipi can truly create a one of a kind unique magical feel to any event.. we want people to experience the same feeling we did…

As a family we have been involved in the wedding and events industry for 24 years collectively. Our passion for creativity is driven by trends and client’s demands. Not conforming to the boring old and static venues, we create fined-tuned, aesthetically alluring and intricately designed tipi arrangements that you’ll remember and talk about for years and years.

Our tipis can be Set up on lush velvety grass and under the magnificent glittery sky, with winds blow curtains, tingling wind chimes and vying with the firepit flames spreading a soothing warmth inside,– whether it is a wedding, a party or a corporate night out, our tipis are the ultimate personification of a truly magical and heavenly ambiance

Firefly Tipis Ltd. – Turning moments into memories